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Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator

When was Weight Watchers Points Plus Introduced?

In 2010, Weight Watchers™ restructured their entire pre-existing points system and revealed their PointsPlus™ innovation. With PointsPlus, Weight Watchers introduced the concept of zero point foods with fruits and vegetables (non-starchy) costing 0 points.

Although the WW points system and overall programs have been modified since 2010, the Points Plus system is still a valid recipe for a healthier lifestyle and will fuel better eating habits.

What is Weight Watchers Points Plus?

The WW™ points plus calculator uses protein, carbs, total fat (saturated and unsaturated), and fiber to determine the point value of a food or drink. Like SmartPoints, the Points Plus number is combined with two separate allowance metrics:

1. Daily Point Allowance

  • Between 26 and 79 Points Plus pts

This is calculated using a person's gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. If you’re interested in your daily points allowance, you can visit our allowance calculator page which can quickly provide this value for you in addition to running through examples and an explanation of how it’s calculated.

2. Weekly Point Allowance

  • 49 Points Plus pts

This weekly point allowance is a static number that may be allocated freely to foods and drinks of your choice throughout the week.

The Weight Watchers Points Plus program focuses on the nutritional aspect of food rather than a raw calorie count with saturated fat and sugar modifiers such as the new SmartPoint system. Its primary purpose is to promote the consumption of foods with higher protein and fiber content due to their innate nutritional content (these options typically include many fruits and vegetables) and their filling nature.

By sticking to the recommended foods and your daily points allowance, not only will the participant reliable lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, but also transition themselves into healthier eating habits and a better overall lifestyle.

How the Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator Works

There are 2 possible methods to calculate the Points Plus value of a food or drink. The equation we use in our calculator and a short-hand mental math option. We’ll quickly run through both options using an avocado in our examples.

These are the nutrition facts for an avoacado, which represent the values we'll be using:



1. Points Plus Calculator Method

This is the well-known, mathematical equation to calculate the Weight Watchers Points Plus value of a food or drink:

Point Plus Full Equation

Now, lets plug the nutrition values into our equations:

Point Plus Full Equation
Point Plus Full Equation With Values
Point Plus Equation With Values Simplified
Point Plus Solution to Hundredth Decimal Place

Then, if we round our result to the nearest whole number, we end up with:

Point Plus Rounded Solution

As you can see, a single avocado is not quite worth 9 points even though that is the official and accepted Points Plus value from Weight Watchers. Although we lost a few tenths of a point in this example, rounded points can also work in the participant's favor.

Thus, unless you eat the same exact foods that continually round your point values up, these will eventually even out in the long run. We can also take advantage of these relative values in order to use a short-hand, mental-math approach that can assist you in a pinch if you don’t have time or access to use a calculator.

2. Points Plus Estimated (Short-Hand) Method

This is the simplified short-hand equation we'll use to estimate the Points Plus value of an avocado:

Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Equation

Now, we if once again input our nutritional values for an avocado and simplify our equation a bit so we can do some mental math:

Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Equation With Values
Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Equation Simplified
Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Equation Simplified Further
Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Equation Solved
Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Solution Unsimplified

Finally, if we simplify our mental-math result to the nearest whole number:

Point Plus ShortHand Mental Math Solution Simplified

Nice, we've arrived at the same result as our calculator and now have a means of determining Points Plus values anywhere and anytime!